New York Water Taxi 10th Anniversary Celebration

New Yorkers are among the busiest people on the planet. The city itself is always filled with a bustling throng of natives and awestruck visitors all vying for a slice of the big apple. As on of the most populated cities on Earth, New York has a transit system unlike any other, with numerous methods of navigating the concrete jungle.  One of the most ingenious of methods is the water taxi.  The convenient fleet of vessels has been transporting brave New Yorkers for 10 fantastic years as of this week.

The New York Water Taxi held a grand 10 year anniversary celebration last night at the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club. The cafe which as formerly known as Water Taxi Beach, holds a fun airy atmosphere complete with a man made beach, complete with sand. As revelers enjoyed complimentary beverages and edibles courtesy of the host, playful performers milled about the venue. Most notable were a 3 person dance troupe and a mermaid who delighted guests with their playful antics.  In addition to the performers artists were on hand to provide exotic hair accessories and customized works of art.

One of the more interesting vendors was Zhenesse Staniec Heinemann. The performer in rare form acted as apothecary to the delighted guests. She created signature scents, skincare products and aromatherapy oils, a truly personal and interactive experience to say the least.

Guests were also treated to water taxi tours of the statue of liberty every half hour until sundown. Once the night sky darkened the horizon the fireworks display began. The spectacular light show was the perfect ending to a delightful evening of merriment and wonder. Congratulations Water Taxi, here’s to 50 more years of excellent service.