Review: Paramount Bar

In the heart of times square just beyond the endless stream of gawking pedestrians and tourists lies a small slice of old New York. In the roaring 20’s Times Square was home to Jazz Clubs, the latest in fashion and media as well as a great number of Speakeasies.  The fun and excitement of the 20’s was short lived as the 30’s rang in the era of the great depression laying waste to the decadence and elite status of the Times Square scene.  Decades of degradation followed and up until a massive restoration project of  the late 90’s Times Square was far from a party destination despite the thriving theater scene.  With the worst behind this iconic slice of America, the owners of the upscale Paramount Hotel hope to revive the ambiance and decadence of 20’s New York with the opening of the Paramount Bar.

The space which is adjacent to the newly remodeled Paramount Hotel.  The venue features custom designed elements which pay homage tot he hey day of the surrounding neighborhood. Red velvet seating and hanging crystal chandeliers are reminiscent of the elite jazz joints of yesteryear.  Though the decor may be retro, the prerequisite big band and singer have been replaced by a series of talented DJs.  This month features an all female lineup of rotating DJ’s.  On out visit we encountered the lovely Nicole Leon, whose great taste in tunes is evenly matched with her awesome sense of style.

DJ Nicole Leone

In addition to the customized decor the venue is also home to a menu of delicious specialty cocktails found only within its hallowed halls. The menu features some surprising elements such as Jalapenos, Agave nectar combined with top shelf spirits.  One of our favorite cocktails was the “Disco Punch”.  This refreshing cocktail served over ice is a mixture of Rum citrus juices and berries.  Its a sweet fruity beverage perfect for laid back summer evenings.  For the more adventurous spice lovers we suggest the aptly titled “Bright and Beautiful”.  This concoction features Jalapeno Tequila, Agave nectar and fresh watermelon.  Flavorful, and with just a hint of spice this little libation packs a wallop.

Located in in the heart of the city at 235 west 46th street, the space is central to all subway lines and taxi stands. The venue is open 7 days a week from 7pm to 1am (2am on Fridays and Saturdays) and currently available for private events. Incredible ambiance, an easily accessible location and delicious cocktails make the Paramount Bar a grand place to add to your bar hopping itinerary.

When you’re done there and need bite to eat, we highly recommend Library Bar which is a few feet away. Click HERE for our review.
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