Review: Library Bar

The Breakdown:

Location: 235 West 46th ST  NEW YORK, NY 10036 ,  212 764 5500

Items: 3 appetizers, 2 entrees

Cost: $90  (with 20% gratuity)

Best Dish: The crab fritters are unbelievable and Highly recommended

Overall: A relaxed space with an elegant feel, great for a quick bite or cocktails.

Created as THE place for post and pre show refreshments and edibles, the Paramount Hotel’s Library bar is a revamped scene of relaxed elegance.  As part of the world class Paramount Hotel the relaxed space features modern furnishings and playful graffiti decor surrounding the inviting bar setup.  Beyond the bar stools, a sprinkling of tables and high backed comfortable chairs give the appearance of an eclectic home setting.  Unlike many restaurants in the surrounding area the Library bar’s biggest draw is their bar bites, a series of seasonal appetizers offered by Executive Chef Mark Spangenthal. Spangenthal’s menu is an eclectic mix of dishes featuring the  freshest ingredients available.  We started our culinary journey with a light plate of “Artisanal Cheeses” an assortment of gourmet cheeses is served with cinnamon raisin toast points and a lightly sweet fig preserve.

Next up were the “Crab Fritters” these light an airy bits of heaven are served with an amazing old bay aioli.  Flavorful and simply delicious these little crab cakes are a great way to start or end a night of barhopping.

As big meat eaters we couldn’t resist the “Grilled Lamb Satay” The succulent curried bits of tender lamb are served on skewers with a yogurt, cucumber and mint dipping sauce.

The trio of appetizers left us anxious for our entrees.  I opted for the “Lobster Mac and Cheese” a heady mix of gooey cheese packed with huge chunks of succulent lobster. As somewhat of a food purist I typically believe lobster should only be drenched in clarified butter. The idea of hiding the naturally delicious flavor of steamed lobster in creamy sauces would have been a major no-no in my book, however ate those words heartily at the Library Bar. The Lobster Mac and cheese was amazing!  Served in an individual cast iron pan, made to order, the dish is savory and features juicy bits of real lobster in every spoonful.

My companion opted for the “Pasta Bolagnese” a tossed pasta dish featuring tender short rib and a hearty tomato sauce.  Perfectly al dente noodles, a flavorful sauce and melt in your mouth chunks of beef are a fab and incredibly delish combination worthy of Chef  Mark’s talents.

Elegant and yet reasonably priced the Library bar is a grand space for a quick bite or a relaxed meal with friends.  The spacious decor and sultry lighting also lend themselves well to an awesome date night.  For whatever reason you find yourself in the vicinity of time square and in need of edibles that don’t feature cartoon characters, disposable cutlery and franchise nonsense feel free to drop in on the Library bar trust us you’ll be glad you did.

When you’re done there and need cocktails, we highly recommend Paramount Bar which is a few feet away. Click HERE for our review.