PopMarket.com Pop Up Store Launch Party


“People today are still living off the table scraps of the sixties. They are still being passed around – the music and the ideas.” ~ Bob Dylan

As a self-proclaimed music enthusiast, there is a constant hunger for music, new and old. The thrill of re-discovering the creativity of an artist, blending musical elements together that have been around since the beginning of man kind, never gets old. On Tuesday May 25th, PopMarket.com tangibly became every music enthusiast’s dream. The first online daily deals site, exclusively for music, joined forces with Morrison Hotel Gallery and transformed the former location of CBGBs into PopMarket. For a music lover, like myself, being surrounded by Morrison Hotel Gallery’s iconic photography of Miles Davies, Bob Dylan, Ozzy Osborne and Bruce Springsteen to name a few, with the added bonus of being able to purchase the artist’s collection of music and other collector’s items is like being Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Everywhere you turn you are surrounded by the legends who changed the way we listen to Rock, Jazz, and Blues. Bob Dylan may not have had PopMarket in mind, but his words hold truth. There is something about music’s past; it’s pureness and wisdom resonates on every note played. PopMarket isn’t just a store; it is an experience offering screenings of documentary films such as West Coast Seattle Boy – Voodoo Child on Jimi Hendrix (6/3) to John Cash in San Quentin (6/22) West, now through Thursday, June 30th at 313 Bowery in New York City.

Photo by Adam Farber

JohnSimonDaily caught up with David Griffith of Sony Music Entertainment at the launch event to find out more about PopMarket.com and it’s exciting daily deals.

Photo by Adam Farber