Exclusive: Behind The Scenes at Entree Lifestyle

Pronounced like the french word “Entrée”, the Entree Lifestyle Brand is on the fast track to breath new life into the fashion world. Founded by Henry Li and Chuck Gee back in 1999, the Brooklyn born company embraced the NYC lifestyle with their own unique elements. The apparel line consist of many things, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and other accessories.

As a huge fan of statement pieces, I immediately took a liking to the ever so popular Misunderstood shirt and just had to pick the brains of the team behind the brand. From my visit, I gathered that the team is constantly inspired, driven by fashion, exudes ambition and creativity, and most importantly is all about satisfying the customer.
JohnSimonDaily.com stopped the Manhattan offices of Entree Lifestyle and spoke exclusively with Co-Founder Henry Li and illustrator Mike Yeung about the brand, fashion, business advice, and even controversy.
(l-r) Reginald Elliot, Henry Li, Michael Yueng, Chuck Gee

Tell us about Entree, why the name Entree?

Mike Yeung: The name Entree originated from artist behind the Entree faces, ENT. The word Entree represents ENT and our brands aesthetic. (Entree – a dish served as the main course of a meal.) We’re here to serve the world its main course. Entree is a lifestyle clothing brand born in Brooklyn, NY, we represent the underrated, misunderstood and unknown individuals that keep the skate, graff, bboy and hip hop culture alive.

Who is the Entree clientele?

Mike Yeung: Our clientele are the people who don’t buy into the hype, but instead create it.

What does fashion mean to you?

Mike Yeung: We treat fashion as art by expressing ourselves through our designs. We don’t follow the trends. Original street wear and trends don’t mix. Not following the trend and creating something different is what we what we built our brand from. I believe thats why street wear was created for in the first place.

What are the price points?

Mike Yeung: Our standard T-shirts retail for – $24-$32…Our hats retail for – 5 panels/fitted caps $34…Snapbacks $28…Our crew neck sweatshirts/button downs retail for $55.00

What are your long term goals for Entree?

Mike Yeung: Our main goal is to be a part of something that will keep the graffiti, skate and bboy culture alive. We’re here to introduce the world to the bboy crowd on the street corner, the risk takers skating down 30 step staircases and the graffiti on billboards. Far as the business, it’s not about making money, its about doing what you love and sharing it with the world. We believe in the saying, “Do what you love and the money will come.”

Part II with Co-Founder Henry Li…

Visit Entreelifestyle.com or KarmaLoop.com for more information or to start shopping.