Carlos Miele Fall 2011

Carlos Miele created a melting pot of sophisticated pieces for the Fall.  I loved the juxtaposition of colors, prints and textures that he used in this collection. It’s perfect for the life of a jetsetter, a girl always on the go that craves a bit of luxury. Ranging from jumpers to evening gowns and capes, Carlos Miele stayed true to his design roots and delivered sexy, glamorous options for the jetsetting woman.I also enjoyed that  he showed a bit of range with his collection with the couture gowns and duchess hoods; which provided the perfect element of drama  (which is always great). However, outside of the couture gowns the collection seemed pretty wearable. I fell in love with a green jumpsuit , it was very simple, yet sophisticated and can easily be worn during the Fall days in NYC or Paris. Overall, the collection had a very international feel, women around the world could find pieces that were relatable to their lifestyle and I think that’s very important when creating a collection. So Carlos Miele hit that right on the nose.

Although the collection may not appeal to the everyday consumer, because of it’s impracticality, it was beautiful nonetheless and offered fun, sophisticated options for women to consider this Fall.

Alessandro Viero /