Behind The Brand: The Kluger Agency & Tequila Revolucion

Established in 1994 by entrepreneur Juan Carlos Arav, Tequila REVOLUCION is a super-premium range of 100 percent agave tequilas from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. The line includes silver, reposado, añejo and 100-proof tequilas, as well as limited edition bottlings adorned with pure .999 silver, 24-karat gold and 1700 “Crystallized – Swarovski Elements” Austrian crystals. With offices in Mexico City and the United States, the gold medal-winning spirits of Tequila REVOLUCION are revolutionizing the way people drink tequila.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the man himself, Juan Pablo Arav, CEO of Tequila Revolucion:

How does Tequila Revolucion differ from other high end brands?
Juan Pablo Arav: Tequila REVOLUCION is a brand that follows the most strict norms to produce the finest and smoothest Tequila available.

What really sets us apart from the other high end brand is our small batch production that allows us to constantly maintain and cherish the highest quality possible. On the other hand our 100 PROOF Silver is a product like no other in which we pioneered, the product is meant to show Tequila connoisseurs what a premium Silver Tequila should taste like after distillation without any dilution so you get the most authentic 100% Blue Agave flavor.

Characteristics that delineate the different tiers of the Tequila REVOLUCION portfolio.

Silver – 100% Blue Agave, double distilled, and can be aged up to two months without the use of wood.

Reposado – 100% Blue Agave, double distilled, and aged in old tequila white oak barrels for 10 months.

100 Proof – At 100 proof, this tequila is a pure distillate (no dilution) that finds its smoothness from a secret aging process.

Añejo – 100% Blue Agave, double distilled, and aged in white barrels for 18 months.

Extra Añejo – This represents the most exclusive tequila. 100% Blue Agave, double distilled, and aged for 3 1/2 years in white oak barrels that were previously used to age congac.

What Tequila Revolucion cocktail would you recommend to our readers?


WILD CHILD ( Developed after Ke$ha)

Those are the two that we recommend but if you wants to see more visit:

Visit for more information.

Adam Kluger, CEO of The Kluger Agency, a full service non-traditional Advertising Agency with a focus on strategic partnerships and product placement within the music industry. The company handles the needs of both corporations and artists in house, which allows brands to personally work with the artist and TKA’s award winning creative team to build integrated advertising campaigns far superior to any other opportunity available in today’s market. Adam Kluger was responsible for placing Tequila Revolucion in the new Ke$ha video. We ask him about this product placement and much more.

What was the process of getting Tequila Revolucion into Ke$ha’s music video?
Adam Kluger: I have a relationship with Dr. Luke, we have also done several deals with her label RCA/Jive. The brand seemed to be a good fit and we felt the song was strong enough to translate to the Hispanic and American markets.

Do you think product placement will change the advertisement business?
I certainly feel its a better alternative to anything else available to brands that do not have a fortune 500 marketing budget. We work with mid-level brands looking to compete with the Coca-Cola’s of the world.

Why is product placement better than commercial advertisement?
I’m able to deliver hundreds of millions of eyeballs to brands for less than a $2 CPM. Commercials and Internet spots sometimes exceed $30. The alignment with a celebrity and their fan base is just an added bonus to the value music video placement is able to deliver. Just think how many times you’ve seen your favorite music video compared to your favorite commercial.

What has been your most memorable project and why?
“Zoosk Girl” by Flo Rida ft. T-Pain was great. I thought the song and video turned out great for the artists and the brand.

What’s the most challenging part when creating ADs/product placement?
Managing expectations. There’s a thin line between an endorsement and a video or lyric placement, to some brands, that line is blurry. We always try to under promise and over deliver.

What makes The Kluger Agency a non traditional AD Agency?
The types of placements we do are very non traditional when compared to the typical campaigns traditional agencies put together. We think outside of the box and align brands with the right celebrities, keeping everyone’s best interests in mind.

Adam Kluger of The Kluger Agency on FOX 13 Tampa