Valentine’s Day at the Edison

Valentine’s Day approaches and with it the call for romantic evenings and memorable outings with a treasured friend lover and confidant. For most this means a great dinner followed by or following a movie or performance. The Edison invites you to step outside the box and into an evening of fine dining and dancing. For a little more that the cost of candies flowers and the standard dinner and a movie date treat your beloved and yourself to a night of world class dining, cocktails and ball room dancing.

The art deco styled elegant ballroom of the Edison hotel is an ideal setting for a romantic rendezvous.  The candle lit, beautifully laid out tables provide the right ambiance for an evening of sweet nothings and flirty glances.  With a soundtrack provided by Joe Battaglia’s big band as well as Direct Latin Influence always in the air. Battaglia provides cheek to cheek jazz standards featuring the smooth vocal styling of Keren Zobetaro, while DLI provide pounding Latin rhythms that get heart rates jumping and hips swaying. The Bands playlists range from swing era favorites to Disco classics, a heady mix that goes from smooth jazz to up-tempo hits without missing a beat.  Even if you’re not a dancer (and I am not), it’s entertaining to simply watch the floor as couples show off their best moves.

For $125 per person guests can enjoy a 4 course meal, complete with dessert and bottomless flutes of Champagne (Red, white wine and mixed drinks are also available for no additional charge).  After 10pm for $40 per person guests may enjoy the music dancing, love is and open bar. Patrons are also invited to take photo memento of the night’s festivities courtesy of a roving house photographer.

Whether you’re in a committed twosome or card carrying member of the lonely hearts club, you’ll have  a great time at the Edison. Its Valentine’s day for goodness sake! Why not live it up in the heart of New York City, enjoying a great meal, talented musicians and of course the beauty that is the Edison Ballroom.