Tim Hamilton Fall 2011

Tim Hamilton‘s Fall 2011 was shown at the Standard Hotel.  Showing his collection of men’s and women’s wear inside The Highline Ballroom against a wood panel backdrop with yellow/orange mood lighting and a white taped line on the floor as to separate stage from audience. American designer Hamilton took three sets of models as they revolved around each other every five minutes or so.

The first set were male models wearing a cross between men’s tailored looks and sportswear.  The designer collaborated with artist Ross Bleckner which in result used the painter’s archived abstract almost floral designs for some of the pieces including pants, turtleneck, hoodie and jacket.  With the element of sleek designs this colorful artwork on the garments gave the looks a swirl to the traditional clean tailor look. Layering pieces with abstract bold colored design wool sweaters and long trench coats in what seemed vinyl, Tim Hamilton’s pairing of the two gave each look an unexpected futuristic affect.  The men’s shoes were a highlight and a statement within itself.   Modernized bold 90’s punk inspired metal sole chunky shoes were worn by all the male models.

The second set of models was the women’s wear collection.  Androgynous looks but with a slighter taste for femininity. Dresses and pant suit with Ross Bleckner’s almost floral designs were also seen in Tim’s women’s collection making it a cohesive collection between his men’s and women’s wear Fall 2011.  Uneven sweater hemlines were seen in the women’s wear as Hamilton played around with proportion and breaking traditional boundaries in his designs.

The third set of models was male looks with the exception of three female models playing the role of either tomboys or tough cool chicks.  This set was straightforward  street wear.  Provocative graphic tees were shown.  This last set of looks was a very militant street style inspired by London youth subcultures fashion late 60’s,70’s and early 80’s.

By viewing Tim Hamilton’s collection of both men and women you can see that he probably had an edgy fashion forward muse in mind while designing his Fall 2011 line.

Images: Imaxtree