Revealed | A Conversation with Will Roush

“Live your dreams out and all the benefits will follow
I’m just an example a sample what someone can do
When they put their mind to it and forget what they’ve been through”
~Will Roush, from Live It Up

I have interviewed many young rising artists, who through their passion for their artistry and determination in the music business have inspired me in my own professional and personal life. Will Roush is another artist I can add to that list. He is not just a talented lyricist, but he is also an amazing individual. Not only did he release a highly acclaimed mixtape Know My Name and has released his debut single Live It Up in anticipation of more new music this year, but he has over came a serious heart condition that inspired him to drop 100lbs, and now is preparing to graduate from Babson College in Boston. I’m out of breath just thinking about all of it myself.

JSD caught up with Will Roush to get the 411 on him, but more importantly to find out if he is Team Lil Kim or Team Nicki Minaj.


Live It Up feat Chaz Mishan

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