Let’s Boogaloo: An Interview with DJ Turmix

Lets Boogaloo

It’s a New Year! You have made and possibly broken you’re New Year’s resolutions. That’s ok! You still have those party shoes on. New York’s Nublu is always bringing exciting music to our ears from all over the world. So if you are yearning to burn a whole in those party shoes, head to Nublu starting Friday January 14th and every second Friday of the month as they launch Let’s Boogaloo. Celebrating the best sounds in Boogaloo/Soul/ Funk /Jazz/Salsa-Bossa, from the 60s-70s to the latest Boogaloo bands from the 4 continents, such as The Budos Band, Big Boss Man, Para, Sugarman 3, Let’s Boogaloo will be kicked off with New York’s own Ex Caminos with DJ Turmix and DJ 0l’ Stark spinning all night.

DJTDJ Turmix is a specialist in Boogaloo & Latin Soul from the 60s. He is also part of the collective Timeless Club founded in 2002 in Barcelona, which is dedicated to broadcasting the best groove music of all time! DJ Ol’ Stark is behind the international Soul-Funk-Afro-Latin event in France, Paris Rare Groove Festival for the last 5 years and founder/resident DJ at the Soul Sauce Club, a night where most of the well known European DJ’s and bands have played for the last 15 years.

DJ Turmix took time out to give JohnSimonDaily a quick lesson in Boogaloo 101.

JohnSimonDaily: How did you get your start in the music scene?

DJ Turmix: I have been a professional DJ since 1994 in Spain, but my first dj sets were when I was still in school in 1987-that is when I started working in a little radio station at age 13.

JSD: What do you think makes a great DJ?

DJT: The connection with the people and the original selection of music.

JSD: Who are some of your musical influences?

DJT: They really range from James Brown to the Spanish band Pata Negra. I’m the second youngest of five brothers and sisters who all loved music, and my parents loved music too, and every one listened to different styles and artist.  My father loved the Mexican music of the 50’s and 60s, my mother loved the flamenco and the copla, my brothers all listened to classic pop, reggae, salsa, punk, rock, funk reggae. I can tell you that the biggest influences on me early on were the soundtracks of Henry Mancini and Lalo Schifrin when I was 4 or 5 years old.

JSD: How is New York’s music scene different from Barcelona’s music scene?

DJT: The schedule, the nightlife in Spain are much more late night and longer. But there are many similarities, as well, such as the people and the variety of fashion styles that clubgoers wear.

JSD:  Explain the whole idea behind “Let’s Boogaloo”. What can people expect?

DJT: We expect people to come who love the 60’s and early 70’s groovy rhythms, with a touch of Latin, Brazilian and rare soul- funk. We don’t play any electronic styles or remixes at the party, just vintage records with a unique essence for people with open minds.

JSD: For those who don’t know what Boogaloo is, could you explain?                                                                                   DJT2

DJT: There are 2 kinds of Boogaloo: The boogaloo that comes from the Boogie-Woogie, and the Latin boogalo, which is the style I am an expert in. The Latin Boogaloo is the music that Latin musicians in NY in the early 60’s played-Many Latin musicians who played during the explosion of mambo bands in the 50s started to mix the traditional Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms with the twist, soul and pop melodies to compete with the new sounds from the early 60s. The first Latin boogaloo hit on the top music charts were “El Watusi” from Ray Barreto, edited for the Tico label and reedited for Fania Records, the great and historic Latin old school record label who are sponsoring our party.

JSD:  As a vinyl collector, what 5 albums do you think every music lover should own? Why?

DJT: Well, that is a difficult question for a vinyl collector because every record is like a child to me haha! But I can recommend 5 of the best songs you will hear at the Let’s Boogaloo party: 1.Pete Rodriguez “I Like It Like That” (ALLEGRE  1967) 2.Joe Cuba “Bang,Bang”  (TICO 1966) 3.Manny Corchado “Aprovecha El Tiempo (Swing While You Can)” (DECCA 1967) 4. Joe Torres “Latino con Soul” (World Pacific 1966) 5. Hector Rivera “At the Party”  (BARRY RECORDS 1965)

For more information of Let’s Boogaloo visit Nublu.

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