68th Annual Golden Globe Awards WORST Dressed List

Well folks, the stars did not disappoint at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. As always we have our list of the Worst Dressed:

Helena Bonham Carter – OMG! What a travesty! We here at John Simon Daily feel, Ms. Carter does this on purpose and love to make the worst dress list.

Temple Grandin – While we love her story, we just cannot get over her chosen attire for the Globes. No explanation is needed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Bad hair, bad tan and over sized dress are not working for you Love. What went wrong in the fitting?

Gabourey Sidibe – We adore the bubbly Gabby Sidibe, just not her choice in gowns for award shows. There is way too much going on with this ensemble.

Olivia Wilde – Perhaps Olivia thought she was at the VMAs as oppose to the star studded Golden Globe Awards. This attire could have been left on the rack for Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

Dot Jones – SIGH!!!

Heidi Klum & Seal – You’re either in or you’re out?! You two are definitely out for these terrible ensembles. How did they both manage to wear ugly shoes? This would have been great for the Australian Outback.

Julia Kurbatova – Hmmm there is something fishy about this dress. Definitely a red carpet NO!

Jo Champa – There is nothing flattering about this strapless dress. It is also the wrong dress for this occasion.

Tilda Swinton – This is what you should NOT do on the red carpet. Hollywood please take notes! Are those pink shoes???

Kaley Cuoco – This gown totally does nothing for Kelly or her skin tone. A comb wouldn’t hurt either.

Scarlett Johansson – We understand Scarlett is currently going through a divorce from actor Ryan Reynolds but this should be the time where you show him what he is missing. The Elie Saab ensemble was not a perfect match for her or the Bride of Frankenstein up-do.

Darren Criss – Thank you Darren for proving one accessory can ruin an ensemble!

Julianne Moore – We do think the color is right but the dress is dreadfully wrong! Very unflattering and did this dress miss the garment steamer?

Images: Getty Images