Exclusive | Behind the Scenes at American Apothecary

American Apothecary is an avant-garde T-shirt company showcasing remedies that are no longer available because they are now illegal and/or exceptionally dangerous. Cocaine, heroin, and cigarettes were not always feared and controlled substances. In fact, in the early 1900’s cocaine was widely used in toothache drops for children, heroin was used as a painkiller, and cigarettes were offered to asthmatics for instant relief.

By placing vintage medicine labels on the finest cotton shirts, American Apothecary is commenting on how our perceptions of these and other once legal but now taboo substances have drastically changed over the last 100 years. The objective of American Apothecary is to supply clothing with a purpose.

I was first introduced to the company when I received a box at the office, days before New York Fashion Week was to begin.

It was a Fashion Week Survival Kit! As you all may or may not know Fashion Week can be a fun, yet exhausting at times as we cover over 50 shows. With excitement, I immediately opened the box (like a child on Christmas morning) to discover many helpful trinkets and treats to keep me energized (like a child on Christmas morning), but my favorite was the menswear!

A very soft %100 Pima Cotton T-shirt. I instantly fell in love with the brand and their uniqueness. American Apothecary has the best attention to detail I have ever seen. Just about everything is personalized, all the way down to the packaging and the shirt tags. I just had to meet the creative geniuses behind the brand.

John Simon Daily got an exclusive look behind the scenes of the popular brand at their new showroom, located in the heart of midtown New York. We spoke with Owners Jeremy Sziklay and Matthew Kronenberg, and Lead Designer Anastasia Fokina.

After our interview the team was kind enough to walk us through the showroom where we got a look at the latest collection.

Visit A-Apothecary.com to shop and tell them John Simon Daily sent you 🙂