Zucca RTW Spring/Summer 2011

On October 4th during Paris Fashion Week, Zucca presented their Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show at Couvent des Cordeliers. Zucca is designed by Tokyo born Akira Onozuka who launched his line in 1988.His inspiration for this line was water, hydro-themed. This was expressed in the different shades of color from charcoal blacks, sky-white, nudes, deep navy and cobalt blues. There was gorgeous detailing in all of the collection. Water-like movement was shown in the shapes and forms of the dresses, tops and shorts. Everything flowed beautifully and effortlessly. We saw beautiful forms in the pleats, draping, runching and ample folds made to fit your shape and fall with grace. Layered sheer silks and cotton, sequined dresses layered over long sheer pleated bases of beige chiffon, flapper-style dresses, soft flowing cottons and light knit-wear.  All looks were topped off with beautiful shoes.

A few men’s items were also shown. Suits in deep navy and blacks with great form and detailing. This designer also designs watches and accessories.

This collection has comfort and wear-ability mixed with femininity. The soft flexible textures fall with grace in the knee-length skirts and dresses for a very lady-like look. There was so much creativity in this beautiful feminine line which was one of my favorites during Paris Fashion Week.