VMA’s White Carpet Snoozefest!

Was it just me or was a this year’s telecast one of the most boring in recent history? In light of last years controversy it seemed everyone was looking to play it safe, all except Mr. West who gave a knockout performance that screamed “You be you and let ‘Ye be ‘Ye”.  It appeared as though almost everyone invited just rolled out of bed, off the sofa  or in some cases out of the gutter and onto the white carpet. Despite their half-hearted attempts at fashion I am still prepared to give the official best and worst rundown:

WORST: Every wonder what happened to Judy Jetson? Apparently she hooked up with some Droid from planet Hellno Normally I ignore the escapades of Ms Minaj but now she’s dragging  Will.I.AM. into her insanity ….Eeeep Op Orp Heck No!

Best: Love this dress on Ms Perry.  The contrast of the black embroidery against the white is simply gorgeous.  I especially love the way her highlights give this look just a subtle boost of color.

Worst: You would think the man who invented sex wouldn’t look so tense in the shoulders.  The usually dapper Trey Songz made a minor misstep in this ill fitting jacket. Sure the Neighbors know your name but why should they care.

Best: Despite looking like an Albino Diddy clone I love this outfit on baby faced Mr. Bieber.  He appears cool and confident in this multimedia vest and leather jeans combo.

Worst: Apperently Jason Derulo has been shopping at an Eddie Murphy/Wesley Snipes yard sale.  He may need a “Blade” to cut himself out of that jacket and must have been “Delirious” when he chose those pants.

Best: Our absolute favorite of the night was Ciara. Ciara looked amazing in this feathered dress. Hair, makeup, accessories……just perfection.

Worst: It must have been laundry day at the N*E*R*D house. I’m not sure whats going on here but i know it isn’t fashion. Whoever let the usually oh so sexy Pharrell out in those pants should be fired, NOW.

Best: Loved MTV’s official Twitter Jockey, Gabi Gregg in this adorable animal print. Black inserts and minimalistic accessories keep this cheetah print from looking like a CATastrophe

Best: I just L-O-V-E this look on B.O.B. I’m especially enamored with the dressy looking track jacket. The appearance of a blazer with  the comfort and ease of a hoody, genius.

Best: Ema Stone kept it simple and stylish in the curve kissing shift.  Smoky eyes and a sideswept bang add a touch of drama.

Worst: We were on the fence about this one. On the one hand its cute and funky and perfect for the VMAs and Ke$ha, but on the other it looks like a hefty bag, a muppet and a tail.

How about a toast to the worst of the worst the “Thane of Bad Cloth”….. Mr. Dane Cook

Worst: To go or not to go…that was the question whether it were nobler to stay at home and be called a douche or show up and prove it we may never know. What I DO know is that Mr. Cook looks like he just woke up in his car, got dressed at the gas station and stumbled into the red carpet. This is probably some sort of joke that only he thinks is funny.  Wow his entire career summed up in one outfit.

All in all it was a great night for the winners and fun for all who were fortunate enough to attend.  Congrats to everyone who took home a moon man, and ” lets all give a toast to the great looks, and even all the bad clothes…”

Images: wireimages