Rosie’s Broadway Stars Sparkle, in “Once on this Island jr.”

The minute I received the invite to attend a performance by Rosie’s Kids, I pictured 5 year olds in tutus, and sunflower hats singing “You Are My Sunshine” followed by a medley of preschool classics.  The way I saw it I’d smile and enjoy a cute little performance by cute little kids and while still riding high on all that sweetness I’d attend the after party at the penthouse and “treat” myself to a little grown up liquid candy supplied by sponsor Devotion Vodka. Imagine my surprise at being floored by a troupe of super talented young adults and pre-teens who in just one hour managed to restore my faith in the performing arts.These amazing performers are all either students or graduates of the ACTE II program. ACTE II or A Commitment To Excellence is a scholarship based Program presented to the creme de la creme of the PS Broadway program offered to public schools by Rosie’s Broadway Kids. These gifted entertainers performed Lynn Ahrens‘ “Once on this Island jr.” The one act play, featuring music by Stephen Flaherty is a fable about love, loss redemption and faith, very grown up topics for the not so grown up cast. The play follows the story of Ti Moune a poor peasant girl who falls for the son of a wealthy family. Though all the “kids” in this production were absolutely remarkable, Mary Dunkley stole the show as the heroine Ti Moune. Aside from her great acting her pitch perfect singing was nothing short of remarkable. We truly enjoyed the upbeat rhythm of the music and the graceful dancing brought to life by this ensemble.

Following the performance spectators were treated to a rooftop cocktail party sponsored by Devotion. A few tasty beverages and some lite snacks were eagerly enjoyed by the crowd. And who should we run into, but Indie artist Dion Roy! We had the great fortune to interview him for a feature article just a few short weeks ago (check it out here!) All in all a stellar night with memorable performances byt brilliant young people who like all youngsters really need our support.  Visit and find out how you can help. Its a rare and wonderful sight indeed to discover young artists with vision that stretches well beyond saggy pants and raunchy lyrics, lets do our part and help spread Rosie’s program across the world.

Rosie's Broadway Kids Team
Dion Roy