Levi’s Fall 2010 Preview

The freedom of being American and wearing your heart on your sleeve embodies the Levi’s 2010 Fall Preview.
“We the workers will awaken the American dream from its slumber” – Levi
This except from the script written behind the models exposed the inspiration of the night. The structurally appropriate Hosfelt Gallery housed the Levi’s viewing; completely coinciding with the collection. Incredible wood panel floors and ceilings with white wash walls; cohesively paired with looks of the natural rawness of denim, flannels, Khaki, and corduroy; created a working man aesthetic. All the looks were chic, yet extremely durable, completed with trendy accessories.
“The vision behind this collection was rebuilding and craftsmanship; a vision especially important to this present time, as the nation is currently rebuilding its self”, – Head designer for Levi‘s Men’s division Carl Chiara
Rejuvenation and craftsmanship played its part through-out the collection. You could visually see the variety of ways denim was scrutinized and worked. It’s no wonder; Levi has been around for 150 years and shows no signs of retiring. Aged ideas of denim have been brought up to contemporary code. Clever techniques to renew the denim look; included deconstruction, stud detail, fading, and cropping. Of course the ranges of boyfriend to skinny jean were in full effect. The rust, dirt brown, olive, crimson, and navy colors spoke of traditional value within the brand’s style.
Levi’s has always been an advocate for great music and this night showed no exception. A London based indie-rock group made up of four gifted musicians named “One eskimO” (see performance below), entertained the intimate crowd with their mesmeric tunes. “One eskimO’s” rhythmic ballads further brought to life Levi’s effort to save creative expression.
Restructure and change is a part of us as a people. I believe the history of Levi’s absolutely contributes to its present and future success as a worldwide brand. The incorporation of diligence and creativity has always been a staple within the Levi’s name. This is a brand that would never have to abandon their traditional vision and purpose for the sake of trend and recognition!

One eskimO Performing
America's Next Top Models Nole Marin and April Wilkner

Images: Sandra Rosales/Keen Images for JohnSimonDaily.com

One eskimO Performance (Part 1)

One eskimO Performance (Part 2)

Video from the presentation