Be Stupid and Win Stupid with Diesel

Have you ever done something stupid that ended up changing your life?  You must be ready for the most STUPID contest you’ve ever heard of!  Introducing….Diesel‘s national FACES OF STUPID contest!Are you stupid?  Are your best friends even more stupid?  People all over the US have the chance to win their choice of once-in-a-lifetime adventures by simply visiting their local participating Diesel store and taking their best STUPID photo!  Simple enough, right?  Check out the prizes below…

1.  Swim with sharks off South Africa
2.  Ride a motorcycle across Europe
3.  Fly in zero gravity in Las Vegas
4.  Take a train through Mongolia
5.  Cut a record in Jamaica
The widget showcases all of the rules but I’ve included the full “How To Enter” details below. Visit to check out the widget and to get more info on FACES OF STUPID.
How To Enter
1.  Pick up your BE STUPID sticker from any participating Diesel store.
2.  Slap the sticker on your forehead and use your phone or camera to snap a photo with the sticker clearly visible. (Have fun with it!)
3.  E-mail the photo to BESTUPID@DIESELCONTEST.COM from your PDA or any computer.
4.  You’ll receive an auto-reply with a simple entry form. Fill it out, share your most inspiringly STUPID story and you’ll be entered to win.

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