Danny Glover Says Hugo Boss Not Fashionable for This Year’s Oscars

https://i1.wp.com/www.buddytv.com/articles/Image/danny-glover.jpg?resize=263%2C366In a letter sent to dozens of Oscar nominees and others in the film industry set to attend Sunday’s Oscars, Danny Glover called on the stars not to wear Hugo Boss to the event.

Glover, in collaboration with labor union Workers United, is asking Hollywood to take a stand on behalf of nearly 400 Hugo Boss manufacturing workers in Cleveland who are set to lose their jobs if the company is allowed to close its plant there.

He is also asking attendees to wear a pin they were sent showing solidarity with the workers. The pin reads: “Keep the Hugo Boss Plant Open.”

Attendees who were sent the letter and pin include George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Sean Penn, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Renner, and Matt Damon. “Please tell the world you won’t be wearing Hugo Boss on March 7,” writes Glover in the letter. (See the entire letter below)

Through ads on celebrity news websites and Google search ads, as well as a campaign via email, Facebook, and Twitter, Workers United is promoting an online petition asking fans to join Danny Glover in calling on Oscar attendees not to wear Hugo Boss. The signatures will be delivered to attendees before Sunday night.

Workers United represents the Hugo Boss manufacturing workers at the plant in Cleveland.

Workers United, SEIU is a union of 150,000 workers in the US and Canada who work in the manufacturing, distribution, laundry, food service, hospitality, gaming, apparel and textile industries.

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