Revealed | Simone Boyles: Co-Owner of Heaven Sent Showroom

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While attending NYU and working at Dooney & Burke on Madison Avenue (NYC) in 1988, Simone Boyles filled in for a friend at as a babysitter. This led to an opportunity for her to work for ‘Jane Doe’, a major player in the fashion’s wholesale industry. Simone established a good rapport with her and quickly became her assistant. Within six months, Simone rose to a sales position within the organization, closing her first deal with Fran Erico (the original owner of Equinox). Simone’s charismatic personality was the key ingredient that led to her success as a salesperson, and over the next four years she worked within various corporations and in multi-line showrooms.

Eventually Simone met Leigh Bombardo, another sales representative and realized that they shared the same aspirations of owning a showroom one day, leading to their partnership and the birth of Heaven Sent Showroom (2005).

After filtering through various clothing lines, Simone and Leigh came across SKY and immediately recognized its potential. With Simone’s commitment to due diligence, dedication, and savvy business/sales skills Heaven Sent Showroom became the force behind SKY’s multi-million dollar success.

The Heaven Sent mission is to create a beautiful and welcoming environment that guarantees impeccable customer service, while offering cutting edge labels and style that is always trend right. With service and style such as this, it must be Heaven Sent!

Located in the heart of the garment district the showroom is very convenient to many media outlets. Heaven Sent welcomes stylists including celebrity, print, television and film for pulls, and will work to help achieve the looks you desire.

Simone is looking forward to building upon Heaven Sent Showroom’s solid foundation to take the company to another level through expansion and innovation in the near future.

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JohnSimonDaily: How did you get started in the fashion business?

Simone: I started working the wholesale side of the fashion industry while I was attending College. I worked as an sales assistant and got such an adrenaline rush from convincing people to the products that I represented..that I decided to make a career choice. I live by this saying “You have to LOOVVVEEEE your career choice… because we are at work majority of the day”

JSD: Describe your day to day business. What does it take to run a successful showroom?

Simone: An average day is consist, sending email, send press and setting up show schedules. We cater to accounts in order to fulfill all of their needs ie shipping boxes, IMG_6968wtmk.jpg picture by jsimondsending line sheets for new merchandise. Since the interruption of the economy we’ve gotten a little more personal through going old school and reaching out to accounts through code calling instead of emails. Follow up in crucial for this type of business because buyers are so overwhelmed and there tons of other vendors dying get their product to them. We are now chasing the business more than ever…the business that use to come us. It’s worth it because the end result is so fulfilling.

JSD: What clothing line does Heaven Sent carry?

Simone: Sky is currently the only line that we represent.

JSD: Tell us about the Sky Brand and what celebrities are wearing Sky?

Simone: Sky clothing is known for high-end party worthy Sky Dress Designs. The Los Angeles manufactured line was started as a show collection by Peter and Jennifer Kane back in 1998 and eventually evolved in the luxurious and chic clothing line that it is today. The Sky brand made a name for themselves when they opened a store on trendy Robertson in Beverly Hills, CA. Stars are often photographed wearing the clothing. Here are some celebs in Sky: Lisa Wu, Vanessa Hudgens, The Girls Next Door, Rachel Ray, Megan Fox, Heidi Montag, Hayden Panettiere, and Lil Kim.

JSD: What are some of your favorite pieces from Sky and why?

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Simone's favorite pieces

These pieces are exactly what we represent. They are all unique affordable pieces. At this point we do not want to the consumers to think about it and we don’t want the garments to go on sale we want them to retail.

JSD: What trends will we see for Fall 2010?

Simone: 80’s disco styles, girl power, tom boy sexy, exaggerated heels, hardware.
Strong silhouettes and sophisticated glamour.

JSD: Describe your personal style.

Simone: My personal styles is the current trends. I am tom boy sexy and I love disco I often say I wish I was partying in the Studio 54 days for the fashion only.

JSD: Where do you and your partner hope to take the company in the near future?
Simone: Me and Leigh wants Heaven Sent to be just that Heaven Sent. We want a one stop shop accessories, garments, and marketing all done from the showroom. Which will only help to elevate us to the next level. I am only as big as the brands I represent.

We currently have two showrooms one In the NY Garment Center and the other at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and plan to expand to other locations.

“At Heaven Sent Showroom we understand that our business depends on your business. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service to your buyers.” -Simone

***Here are some exclusive pictures from the new Heaven Sent Showroom in New York City!

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Heaven Sent Showroom
231 West 39th Street
New York, NY

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