Exclusive | Victoria’s Secret Makeup at Christian Siriano’s Fall 2010 Fashion Show

Makeup for Christian Sirano‘s Fall 2010 runway collection was conceptualized and designed by Polly Osmond, who worked with Siriano last season as well.

Backstage, we had a chance to catch up with Darcie Louise, who was spearheading the looks for the day. Using Christian Siriano’s makeup line for Victoria’s Secret, the look was characterized as “Modern Retro” with a major emphasis on the brows. Not strong, solid, abrupt brows though, cautioned Darcie. Instead, they were bold brows with a certain wispyness – using pencils and brushes to highlight the natural look.

On Siriano, Darcie says “He’s amazing, a great designer. I think he’s one of the up & coming designers to watch in New York, he’s definitely A-list right now.

How to get the look?  Darcie walks us through the process:

  • First, you need to begin with beautiful cleansed skin, that has been moisturized.
  • Because it’s such a strong brow, for this look you begin with foundation first, followed by concealer and then power. The powder is used ONLY in the T-Zone area, because it is a medium matte finish, and you don’t want to do powder all over.
  • Next is the brow, the defining piece.  To create this kind of brow, start by defining the brow and creating the brow. Then, use small strokes with either a pencil or brush to emphasize the small hairs.  It’s not about big chunks, but rather wispy individual hairs. Darcie recommends using the brow gel by Victoria Secret as needed as well.
  • Next up is the lash: curl the lashes, and apply 3-4 coats of mascara, and apply mascara only lightly to the bottom lash.
  • As for the cheeks, she encourages subtle blush contrast, nothing too abrupt.
  • Finally, the lip is very strong as well.  It’s a creamy matte lipstick in fuchsia called “Lavish” by Victoria Secret.

VS Products Used To Create This Fabulous Look

VS Pro Voluptuous FX Mascara, $12
VS Makeup Soft Focus Liquid Foundation SPF 20, $16
VS Makeup Matte Cream Lipstick in Lavish, $12
Darcie Louise

Darcie walks us through the ‘look boards’ that Polly & Christian created together:

Hair for the Fall 2010 show was handled by Aveda and we also had a chance to speak to Antoinette Beenders, the Global Director of Aveda, on the vision. “The look is Parisian-inspired,” says Antoinette, “very classic with a wave to it.” Most of the looks would be up do’s, based around the wave, and there would be one look that was down, with the hair curled in waves and over to one shoulder.

They used Aveda’s “Air Control” and were also debuting another line called “Control Force” during fashion week, which is a 24-hour resistant spray, that will be available for the public on June 20th, 2010.