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If you follow us on twitter you would know that we recently attended the launch of a new  iPhone app at Safeharbor Gallery in New York City. Urban Signals lets you see people around you, if they’re available, interested and even ready to meet up… right there on the spot!

For example, a woman interested in men between the ages of 25-40 will only be notified when other users of interest to her, are in her area. She can then learn more about them by viewing profiles that offer just enough details to inform, intrigue and encourage further action. “Signals” are then exchanged between users to say hello, express interest, or meet up if they share a mutual interest or attraction.

Meet new friends, love interests or neighbors in real time! All you simply need to do it turn on the radar and see who is out and about. Guests had the opportunity to visit the sign up station to test the app. Besides the terrible reception (those darn iPhones) we liked the functionality of the app. One of the developers told us that the app took approximately 9 months to develop, be sure to visit Alan at for a great demonstration!

Urban Signals will soon be available to Blackberry and Android users this Spring. The event also featured one of a kind artwork from local artist, a hot dog, and popcorn stand.

Download (via iTunes) the app for FREE and special thanks to Jackson!

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