Saint John Of Las Vegas: A Madcap Quest For Laughs!

14550_197920951372_197913536372_355.jpg picture by jsimondIndieVest Pictures latest comedy is a quirky modern day fairy tale following a few mad cap days in the life of compulsive gambler John (Steve Buscemi). In this tale John our gallant knight is a reformed gambling addict who uproots his life in Las Vegas and begins anew as an employee of an insurance firm. The firm is owned and operated by an evil adulterous king (Peter Dinklage) Who sends the brave warrior on a quest, back to last place on earth John wants to see, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In true fairytale fashion John is sent on his quest with a reluctant wise cracking guide Virgil (Romany Malco). Our brave knight embarks on this dangerous quest with only the promise of a flashy new position of fraud investigator level six and the hand of fair maiden Jill (Sarah Silverman) who’s love for him pushes him along the way. Okay, so I got a little carried away with the summary. This peculiar little film is full of quirky over the top characters who bring a great deal of humor to their respective roles. Buscemi’s  compulsive gambling, bumbling, naïve John, lumbers through the first scenes as a shell of a man simply trying to get through life with what little sanity he has left.

Driven to vivid day 19853_258876921372_197913536372_384.jpg picture by jsimonddreams and awkward social circumstances it’s fun to watch him navigate through the sticky terrain set before him by the powers that be, who in this case include an ego-maniacal boss Dinklage who’s first lines in the movies discuss the importance of family just before revealing his affair with one of his subordinates the happy face collecting Jill. Silverman’s portrayal of Jill is reminiscent of her role on her own self-titled hit cable series. Jill’s obsession with smiley faces goes way past cute and hinders on psychotic and creepy. Everything from her cubicle to her fingernails are decorated with little smiling yellow orbs. Before heading out on his voyage John makes a pass at Jill and instantly becomes the love her life and her newest obsession. John leaves his new paramour behind and sets out on an adventure with the handsome and mysterious Virgil who forces him into compromising situations and teaches him a great deal about himself along the way. Malco’s Virgil proves to be a source of much of the films bizarre comedy.

14550_197921011372_197913536372_355.jpg picture by jsimondAs with any epic journey the story isn’t in the destination but in the getting there. The road to Vegas is riddled with oddball bit players who add just a touch of real life fantasy to this film. A wheelchair bound stripper, a militant nudist and a combustible man round out a motley crew of characters John must encounter and assist on his journey toward temptation and ultimately redemption. Funny smart and delightfully real, “Saint John of Las Vegas”, finds the exceptional in the everyday and explores just how surreal reality can be. The first film of writer director Hue Rhodes proves to be a valiant and enjoyable first effort.  It may not have to gut busting insanity of “The Hangover” but this film has enough memorable characters and zany situations to keep the laughs coming. Short and sweet this off beat film is truly entertaining. If heart tugging quests aren’t enough to get you to the theater, I have 3 words for you: Full frontal Nudity. WooHoo!


IMG_245.jpg picture by jsimond
Steve Buscemi, Director Hue Rhodes, and Romany Malco attend the NY Premiere
IMG_340.jpg picture by jsimond
Romany Malco, Steve Buscemi, and Peter Dinklage attend the NY Premiere

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