Exclusive | Custo Barcelona Fall 2010 Sneak Peek + Interview

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is right around the corner and we have a sneak peek at the Custo Barcelona collection. This season the Custo brand will present “Bejeweled Fantasy” for the FW 2010/11 collection. Except to see Custo’s signature silhouettes and edgy/bold colorful prints. Below Mr. Dalmau speaks about the inspiration for his upcoming Fashion Show plus more.

Custo Barcelona is a brand recognized for its graphic designs on t-shirts and clothing. Why do you think the label has become so well received worldwide? What is it about the graphics that customers relate to?

The graphics are the DNA of Custo Barcelona. People remember the Custo Barcelona brand because of our bold, geometric and expressive prints. We produce “mood-clothing”—pieces that our fans seek out to express their emotions. Over the years, countless fans have approached us to share their favorite Custo piece; most of the time that has had something to do with an image from one of our graphic print tees. Initially, Custo Barcelona gained momentum because we were doing something nobody else was doing. Over the years a solid fan base has developed of loyal followers.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

Inspiration came from the extreme beauty and inexplicable attraction of jewels. Gems and precious stones serve as the basis for the production of a very colorful, bright and cheerful collection. The core of Custo Barcelona’s ideology is to present the consumer with new and unique designs, so we are always evolving our graphics, prints and color palettes to present new, exciting fashions.

“The runway is where we experiment,” says designer Custo Dalmau. Where other designers use fashion week to present trends for the upcoming season, we have always used fashion week as a venue for expressing artistic ideas and emotions. Dalmau further states, “we don’t play it safe, even in today’s economy.” It is important for the company to continue providing our fans with what they have come to expect and love.

Custo Barcelona is known for its edgy, bold and colorful prints. Was there any one image, place or event that inspired your graphics this season? What is the dominant graphic pattern in this collection?

The graphics are based around dreamlike and surreal images like jewels, diamonds, lips, perfume bottles, butterflies and feathers. Each of these images is mixed with images that are more figurative and typical of Custo Barcelona. The colors of the gems also served as the color palette this season; black and pink diamonds, sapphires, turquoises, emeralds and amethysts are used alone or mixed together.

Are there any modifications in production or manufacturing with this collection?

This season’s collection is technically intricate. From the multi-colored sequin inlays, maxi-embroidered details, heat-set shiny appliqués, slits and patchwork, a high level of technical design and craftsmanship has been utilized. Silks have been revamped using a garment cutting process to which velour is added.

Any new fabrics? Do you tend to choose heavier fabrics and darker colors for the F/W collections? If so, what are you working with for this season?

The patchwork uses different materials like wool, tricot, velour and paillettes. You will see a lot of faux fur, and heavy knit fabrics used throughout the collection.

Last season you introduced the “Lowxury” collection. What kind of feedback have you had from customers with this collection? Are you continuing with it for F/W ‘10/11?

Lowxury is a highlight of our FW commercial collection. There is a wide selection of jeweled garments, at affordable prices, including casual and easy-to-wear daywear like reversible fur, tricot garments, dresses, sweaters and scarves. The Lowxury collection is a new staple for Custo Barcelona, as it provides luxury fashion to our customers at a much more affordable price range.

Any other big announcements for Custo Barcelona?

We launched the new children’s line called CUSTO GROWING. The collection, designed for boys and girls of 4 to 14 years, includes colorful and fantastical clothing and accessories; it is every bit as bold and colorful as the adult line, but built to withstand the boundless energy and unique minds of children. Plus, all garments are washing machine friendly, including footwear and the environmentally friendly leather coats.

Do you have a favorite memory from Bryant Park?

Custo Barcelona has come a long way since first showing in Bryant Park over 13 years ago. But showing in The Tent last season was memorable; the size, crowd and energy were infectious. We look forward to another exciting and successful show this season, as we all say goodbye to Bryant Park.

*We will be at the show to provide you with full coverage of the fashion show. Stay tuned!

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