Revealed | ‘Gemela Amor’ by Coco & Breezy

Coco and Breezy are 19 year old identical twin accessory designers from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Already making a name for themselves on the underground and online fashion scene, the twins have always defined themselves by their collective individuality.  Coming from a city not known for its contributions to the fashion world, the twins accidentally fell into designing. After being outcasts for years growing up, they began to rock store bought shades to block themselves from taunting peers. On a whim, they decided to create their own custom eye wear, which created a overnight uproar. Soon the two found themselves being interviewed for blogs around the world.

Never actually planning on becoming designers, the twins realized they had something huge on their hands and eventually put up a website. Known for its sharp edginess and attention to detail, Gemela Amor by Coco and Breezy was born. Never being separated for more than 24 hours, they quickly took on the dual responsibilities of running their very own brand. Orders came in from all over the country and the Coco and Breezy mythology spread throughout the digital universe. After running the business for only 3 months, the girls decided that it was time to make the move to New York City. With very little time to prepare, they quit their jobs, sold their car and the decision was made. Armed only with their faith, and with no job or living opportunities in place, the pair bravely made the trip to the fashion capital.
Within days, the twins took the city by storm, literally stopping traffic with their signature styles and confident attitudes. Soon stylists and celebrities all over the city were placing orders and using their frames for photo shoots and appearances. Not satisfied with mere overnight popularity, Coco and Breezy are already preparing themselves for expansion and longevity in the fashion world at large. While making a living strictly from sales, the two are working on their new collection, which will be a reinvention of the infamous styles they are already known for.
With their sights set on the future, the pair are fully aware of the hard work in store. Not tempted by the bright lights and the big city, they are in control of developing what is sure to become a lasting name in style and fashion. Learning as they go, they are never comfortable and constantly challenge themselves to raise the creative bar.
Gold Liner, $55
Coco and Breezy represent the new generation of iconoclasts who are redefining youth culture. Totally happy in each others company, they live in a world all their own – We’re just visiting!

How was Gemela Amor by Coco & Breezy created?

Well we first got started last April in Minneapolis, which is our hometown. It was doing ok there, but as soon as we made our last minute move to NYC it started to just take off.

Single Star Trek, $65

What is the process of creating a new pair from frames?

There is two of us, so we just put our minds together. We usually don’t like to sketch, but we have the “twin” thing, coco will start a new design and breezy will finish it. Its cool that we have such a close relationship and it doesn’t effect our business we have together. We are a amazing dynamic duo design team.

Where do you two draw inspiration?

Our inspiration is based off our life story. We were always made fun of when we were younger for having a different style, so we always wore “store bought” sunglasses to cover our eyes. Then we decided to start our own eyewear line, and really give them SOMETHING TO STARE AT B-)

Where can we buy Gemela Amor?

You can find our creations on our website and please be sure to visit our blog for the latest updates on us and the collection.

What is the price range?

I love our price range, it starts from $55.00-$125.00. The range is a very decent one also 🙂

Do you have a favorite frame?

I would have to say, I LOVEEE THEM ALL! but the Startrek styles we have are our fav 🙂

You two are very fashionable when I see you at events. Can you describe your personal style?

Thank you! We love wearing black, it’s just soooo classy and chic. I think we have toned down our style just a bit, since we started our eye wear line, because you cant wear toooooo crazy of an outfit when your rockin’ GEMELA AMOR by COCO&&BREEZY shades. the glasses make my outfit.

Kelly Osbourne wearing Gemela Amor

Are their any celebrities you would like to see rockin’ Gemela Amor?

Well the celebrities that have already worn our glasses include, Ashanti who wore them for at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, and Kelly Osbourne wore them on ABC’s Good Morning America and Dancing With the Stars. A lot of other celebs already own our glasses; Mya, Cassie, Amber Rose,Vanessa Simmons and many more.

What are some of your long term goals for your business?

Our long term goals, is that we want to be long lasting designers, we are part of the young generation. We don’t just want to be part of the “trend” designing because everyone else is. Our eyewear and collection has a meaning and reflects off our personal life.

Lastly, What is next for the two of you?

OUR NEW COLLECTION!!!!!!!!! NEXT YEAR IN FEBRUARY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we could give you all a HINT but it will be called 20/20 the name has a COOL meaning to IT! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Thank you Coco and Breezy! Visit to purchase your pair!

Kelly Osbourne loving her Gemela Amor frames

Spikey Chain, $125

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