100% Folk Young Patron Event at American Folk Art Museum

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We were invited to the launch party for the American Folk Museum‘s new Young Patron’s committee. Over 200 guests attended the soiree to celebrate this great event sponsored by Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Flavorpill, The Brooklyn Brewery and Landmark Wines. One of our favorite attractions was the life size Polaroid cutout photo shoots, shot by photographer Jason Whalen and the amazing artifacts throughout the museum.The museum’s Young Patrons seek to introduce new audiences to folk art and to raise funds to support the museum’s exhibitions and programs. Geared toward an audience of art enthusiasts aged 21–40, the Young Patrons enjoy access to some of the best parties in the New York City art scene, including exclusive members-only events, along with many other benefits.

Benefits include:
• Free access to the Young Patrons fall and spring DJ parties—explore cutting-edge exhibitions and mingle with a diverse crowd in the museum’s stunning atrium
• Exclusive members-only events for the Young Patrons—meet and network at wine tastings, gallery crawls, and installation tours
• Discount tickets to premier gala events throughout the year
• Reciprocal membership at more than 100 participating museums throughout the country
• Annual subscription to Modern magazine
$100 is tax deductible

Membership dues are at the introductory rate of $150 through June 30, 2010 (normally $250). Join now!

Special thanks to Katie Hush of American Folk Art Museum and Mellie of The Fat Apple.

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