Entertainers 4 Education Alliance | 4th Annual Stay in School Pep Rally & Concert

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Entertainers 4 Education Alliance received a proclamation from Mayor Michael R Bloomberg recognizing the organization for its contributions to the youth of New York City. Excerpts from the proclamation reads: “Since it was founded the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance has done tremendous work empowering our city’s young people to stay in school and pursue a college education. To awarding grants to public school students to help them pay for college to funding after school programs to hosting empowerment seminars and developing public service announcements Entertainers 4 Education Alliance has given so many students the motivation and support to excel in high school and beyond. That’s why our city is so delighted to join the organization in celebrating the first annual I WILL GRADUATE DAY.”

If you follow us on twitter, you would know that we recently attended the 4th Annual Stay in School Pep Rally & Concert. The afternoon was a success with of  tons of Entertainers lending their support to the youth and sending the important message of staying in school and graduating. Keri Hilson took the stage to discuss the importance of attendance and being on time for school, “Show up even when you don’t feel like it.” Keri talked about the entertainment business and how her education is a key factor in not getting taken advantage of. “You have to, read contracts, documents oversee your finances, and much of what I learned in school prepared me to manage my affairs today.” Russell Simmons did a sit down interview with Entertainers 4 Education Alliance’s Co-founder and Executive Director Tonya Lewis and answered question from the student audience. Russell took some time on-stage to share his ideals about the importance of giving back and allowing your passion to decide your life’s journey. “Never be ruled by money if you work money will come but allow a higher purpose to dictate your life”. Russell also discussed his keys to success and how to believe in your vision for your life even when no one else believes in it.

Other noticeable celebs from the evening included John Starks, Allan Houston, Kym Hampton and Essence Carson took the stage to discuss healthy lifestyle. Jim Jones spoke about never giving up and never settling for less than your personal best. Juelz Santana emphasized involvement in school activities to stay focused and out of trouble. Jo-Jo Simmons received much love when he took the stage to boost student morale. Patrick A. Lespinasse, (Verizon Director of Government and External Affairs) who encouraged student to follow their dreams and strive for excellence. Steven Boyd, Regional (Vice President for the Coca-Cola Company) shared a personal story about overcoming obstacles and finding the power to succeed. Jo-Jo Simmons received much love when he took the stage to boost student morale. Performance highlights included, Donnie Klang, DJ Webstar & Ron Browz.

Please visit e4ea.org for more information.

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Keri Hilson, Regional Vice President for the Coca-Cola Company Steven Boyd, Executive Director and Co Founder for Entertainers 4 Education Tonya Lewis

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Keri Hilson x Executive Director and Co Founder for Entertainers 4 Education Tonya Lewis
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John Starks
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Donnie Klang
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Singer Tanya Blunt

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Indashio x guest
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Actress & Singer Emerald Angel Young (Law Abiding Citizen)
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Jim Jones

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JoJo Simmons
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Rapper Knight

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Universal recording artist Final Draft

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Juelz Santana