Sony VAIO Celebrates The Launch Of New Products

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It was a technological commemoration at the Sony “VAIO Experience“ event. Unveiling three of their latest electronics at the beautiful Guastavino space on the upper eastside, made for an enjoyable evening. Introduced that night was the new VAIO X series, the VAIO L Series touch-screen HD PC/TV and the VAIO CW series in 5 new pulsating colors. The VAIO X series weighs just 1.6 pounds and is roughly the width of a cell phone; making it the world’s lightest notebook. The battery life is just as fascinating as the notebook, providing super-extended capacity battery, delivering extra-long battery life for work or play. My favorite gadget to trial (in other words play with), at the launch was the ground-breaking VAIO L Series touch -screen HD PC/TV. It was extremely synced and accurate with every touch. Senior Vice President of the VAIO business group at Sony Mike Abary stated, “The L Series is the ultimate multi-media hub— it’s your PC, HDTV and DVR in one compact, stylish device”. This trendy tool presented versatility; it could easily fit in a posh professional setting, just as it could a comfortable casual one. Sprinkled around the space for guest to experience were the vibrantly sleek VAIO CW Series notebooks. Sony debuted five new stimulating colors which included fiery red, poppy pink, icy white, jet black and indigo purple. Incorporating Blu- Ray Disk technology and Windows 7 OS; these notebooks exercise the right blend of charisma and eminence.

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An old world charm filled the room, as I noticed the servers passing blu-ray cocktails and wine with painted on handlebar mustache’s and wearing black tuxes. This created a great anecdote for the night’s proceedings. Cirque Berserk performed a wonderful show full of enchantment and cinematic acts. The cabaret inspired show displayed their Lust, Skin and Flight segments for the Sony audience, who were more than speechless by what they saw, definitely not for the kiddies or the faint of heart!
DJ Kiss kept the party rocking from beginning to end. The crowd consisted of Celebrities, Athletes, Press, socialites and…YES…even tech support was there! Actors Mischa Barton, Peter Facinello, and Lorenz Tate were in attendance. Reality Personality New York Housewife Jill Zarin and husband, ANTM judge/photographer Nigel Barker, Project Runway alum/Designer Christian Siriano and TV personality Star Jones mingled within the crowd. Thomas Pendleton from “Tattoo Highway” had a booth and was actually tatting guest at the event. Showing his support and owning both a VAIO desktop and Laptop, former Linebacker/current consultant of the NY Giants, Jessie Armstead stated “On top of the quality and resourcefulness of these computers, they are surprisingly affordable.

The night was full of delightful surprises; this was unquestionably the New York event of the night. I enjoyed myself immensely, but more importantly I gained so much useful information. Can’t wait for my next VAIO Experience!

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· L Touch HD PC/TV: Multi-touch screen easy access to your PC, HDTV, DVR— your entire entertainment hub— is readily at your fingertips.

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· X-Series Notebook: Housed in a lightweight carbon-fiber chassis, the X Series weighs just1.6 pounds (with standard battery) and is just over a half-inch thin— roughly the width of a cell phone.

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· CW-Series Notebook: Colorful New Notebooks Featuring Blu-ray Disc Technology

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