NYFW | Rachel Antonoff Spring 2010

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By Desha A. Winborne

For Rachel Antonoff, NYFW is Child’s Play….

9/9/09 marked the debut for Rachel Antonoff’s 2010 Spring collection. Held at the Henry Street Playhouse, the collection was reminiscent of bygone eras where subtlety and femininity went a long way. Playful sundresses and tutus rounded out the collection. Guests were greeted at the door with glasses of champagne and whisked into the auditorium where models posed, played and pranced on the stage. Each model was given a role to play and the stage was set with an assortment of fun props to play with. Crudely made swords, a makeshift balance beam and a swing were all used to help the models get into character. Their demeanor ranged from mildly bored to brazenly sexy. The makeup was old-Hollywood glam, dramatic but never overdone. Scarlet lips and smoky eyes dominated the scene.

Ditsy florals and soft knits were the order of the night for this designer. Her pieces ranged from soft cotton blouses to sheer cocktail dresses each with a distinct personality. Accessories were minimal and each model was outfitted in ballerina’s slippers instead of the prerequisite sky high death traps. The high waist trousers and shorts paired with soft uberfemme tops make for a timeless silhouette. The spiritedly designer was all smiles as she worked her way through a throng of well-wishers and from camera to camera. Though youthful in concept and delivery this very grown up collection was anything but childish.

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