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Designer Haleh Nematzadeh has an edgy women’s ready to wear label, which has proven to be a testament to the dynamic interchange between high fashion, street culture, and glam rock. We adore Haleh’s free spirited ‘Bowery Girl’ chic style, it evokes an bold, sexy and mysterious spirit.

Haleh studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and went on to work stylist to the stars Patricia Field. The designer is set to showcase her Spring/Summer 2010 collection Wednesday, September 9th, and she granted us an exclusive interview where we spoke about the collection, amongst other things.

JSD: What influenced your Spring/Summer 2010 collection and what makes it different from the previous seasons?

The collection is entitled “Some Kind of Bliss” and is about exploring my own personal freedom and happiness. I have a daily meditation practice that greatly inspires my work., I received the inspiration on the collection in a meditation, an image of a starry night sky, a surrealistic night scene complete with lighting, and surrealistic rainbows. The message behind this is that my own ideas of happiness are greatly tied to love of Nightlife, Dancing and the progress and freedom , and expressions that Nightlife at it’s height in New York brought about. Clubs like Danceteria and Paradise garage. The collection is also divided into a day and night theme, day being the flip side of the night scene, a sunset , dreamy angelic feeling., Almost like soft rock. The perfect combination of these polar opposites is Some Kind of Bliss.

It has a looser, softer feel than last season, while the craftsmanship is much more intricate.

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JSD: What fabrics were used for the collection?

Soft flowy fabrics like Silk Georgettes, lace, and Crepe de Chine. Lots of innovations with leather such as digital printing, holographic foils, and irregular perforations, as well as some new material that is a surprise and will have to be left for the show.

JSD: Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothing? If so, what?

Yes, I’m always sending out a message and energy with the clothing. It’s autobiographical, I tell my story through the clothes.
My mission with this line is for people to fearlessly dress up which wakes them up to an authentic side of themselves.

JSD: Who is your target audience for this collection?

My target audience for every collection is a free spirited woman who knows who she is, and is not confined by her surroundings or society.

JSD: What was the process of designing this collection? What are some of the things you think of when you start to create a design?

I started this collection with a vision in a meditation which I have never done before. It was the most liberating way to work, and made for a very strong progression from last season.

When I design a piece I think of what can be innovative, flattering, has an element of High Fashion, while remaining wearable and prices well enough for the girl to want to wear out and be lit up.

JSD: What celebrity would you like to dress?

Allison Mossheart of the Kills.

Paris Hilton wears Haleh
Paris Hilton in Haleh

JSD: What do you consider a fashion do or don’t?

A fashion do is finding your own sense of style, a fashion don’t is wearing clothing that does not reflect your true self.

JSD: What one piece should every woman or man invest in for the Spring/Summer seasons?

The best version of their own body, A T-shirt shredded to perfection. A hot dress that can be dressed up, or dressed down.

JSD: How do you feel the brand stands out from other labels?

My brand is a reflection of who and what I love and am, my clothing has life and energy that beats to it’s own drum. and is apparent to anyone who sees it.

JSD: What will never go out of style?

A sense of style, will never go out of style. It doesn’t have to be classic, it has to be it’s own version of classic , like a pair of creepers.

JSD: What advice do you have for emerging designers?

Follow your intuition no matter what anyone tells you. Know your fashion history, be very aware of what’s happening in music, film, and media, Make clothing that you and your friends would kill to wear.

JSD: What do you like to do when you are not busy creating a new collection?

Dancing, Nightlife, Checking out music, blogging on Haleh.tv, putting together how all these relate, hitting up New York Sample Sales, and progressing spiritually.

JSD: Tell us about your personal style and your favorite designers, besides yourself.

My own personal style is eternally downtown and rooted in the art and love of playing dress up. I am forever in awe of fashion designers who change the way an entire generation dresses, and progresses and changes people’s lives through fashion like Vivienne Westwood and Mary Quant. The world was never the same after the mini skirt, nor Punk.

Some images that inspired the Spring/Summer 2010 Haleh collection:

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The Look Book: Haleh Nematzadeh

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