Original Penguin x K2 Snowboard Collaboration


By Filecellia Sampson

Who knew; the artistic flare of fashion and the extreme sport of snowboarding would join forces so effortlessly. Well it seems K2 snowboarding and The “Original Penguin” by Munsingwear got the equation just right. The collaborative effort was unveiled at a private event in the Standard Hotel’s Highline Terrance, hosted by non-other than Factory PR. It’s an amazing feat to watch a brand such as “The Original Penguin” evolve into such a universal power. Richard Nixon donned this iconic golf wear brand in 1955, now in 2009 the same brand will modify its patterns and designs to don the new Slay blade board, auto bindings and new-fangled Maysis boot by K2 Snowboards. Professional snowboarder and Spokesman Eero Niemela attended the event and seemed quite stoked about the whole affair, being photographed and interviewed about these fantastic new ventures. Stylist and television personalities Nole Marin and Jorge Ramon made their way through the crowd to show support as well. Sports illustrated Model Julie Anderson was stunning in a embellished multi-shade piece to bring a touch of elegance to the occasion. This was by far the event of the night as the up-to-the-minute crowd grew thicker and the music by DJ Gregory Lynch grew more intense. The hand pass hors d’oeuvres were plenty along with beverages from the open bar. Snowboarding has always been entertaining and extreme, but never so fashionable and stylish; Munsingwear take a bow!

IMG_2189wtmk.jpg picture by johnsimondaily

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