Marc Jacobs dreads Fashion Week!


Marc Jacobs said he dreads fashion week! When asked if he is excited about this coming fashion week festivities, Jacobs responded by saying “No. Do I enjoy it? Enjoy is a weird word. It’s work – work is more what it’s about. It’s not fun.” He went on to say “I am a bit of a cheerleader. I have to stimulate people, or I feel it is my role to stimulate people. So the better my attitude is and the better I’m feeling, the better everybody feels about being around me. What I give is definitely what I get back.” Either way we look forward to seeing his timeless collection next month. Stay tuned to JSD, as we will provide you with full Fashion Week coverage.

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  • John Simon

    LOL! No hussy! We appreciate your opinion here at Thanks for stopping by and we will keep you posted on Fashion Week.

  • Virgo80sBaby

    Can’t wait to see the coverage on Fashion Week. I love Marc Jacobs and I think he’s kinda sexy 😉 (Does that make me a hussy?) I’on care… lol…