Housing Works “Last Days Of Summer Editor’s Choice” Shopping Event

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(L to R) Charlotte Ronson, Michael Carl, Shoshanna Gruss

Well New York, it’s sad but truly the last days of summer; and who better to spend it with, then your best friend. This is at least what well-known designers Charlotte Ronson and Shoshanna Gruss were thinking as they joined forces in support of Housing Works Tribeca. In a collaborative effort to provide lifesaving services to more than 20,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS, Allure Magazine Fashion Director and Housing Works board member Michael Carl teamed up with these two leading designers to host the ever Special Editor’s Choice event. This specific event marks a time when the organization asks an editor to select the best pieces within the store and present them to the public. When asked; “Why this event was so important to be a part of”, Ronson and Gruss, simply replied that, “Since both of them had worked with Housing Works individually, it was a no brainer to come together and support as a team”. Both designers raved, “Michael Carl is a great friend and we love working with him on projects for Housing Works! Ronson and Gruss also donated a few pieces from their individual collections, as well as their collaborative swimwear collection “Made with Love”. Between a great friendship, Ronson’s fantastic flare for patterns and Gruss’s architectural swimwear aesthetic, this line definitely had love in every seam. On top of the fashion donated, there were other treasures to be found via home décor, books or great classic movies, that even your local blockbuster my not carry anymore. Thank you to Housing Works for yet another wonderful night of fashion, may there be many more!

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Images courtesy of Jake Forney for Housing Works

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