The Dress Rehearsal: Introducing the One Dress

bc79dac0.jpg picture by johnsimondailyBy Filecellia Sampson

What a wonderful day for women worldwide. Guest of a Guest hosted “The Dress Rehearsal”; a One-Dress Campaign initiative to give a voice to silenced women around the world. In developing countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Sudan and many more; women are being silenced, isolated and misguided. Harmful traditions, conflict, and intimidation are catalyst to fuel these injustices against women. We can’t imagine this, because these issues are hardly being televised or proper attention is not being paid. Thank goodness for individuals such as Malcolm Harris, who not only created a platform to voice his and many others concerns, but the intelligence to create a clever approach. Malcolm Harris, who is the founder of the One Dress organization, took on this project as a way to gear women to helping and listening to each other. “Women overcompensate for the “IT” dress, why won’t they do the same for the “IT” charity, says Harris. This One-Dress charity is designed to strike a chord within the world of woman to come together and unite under one cause; to save one another. The launch was held at the Mal Sirrah Showroom in the trendiest of New York neighborhoods; Soho. Models volunteered their services to display the infamous wrap dress and its many identities. Macari Vineyards, sponsored the evening with a decadent wine for the guest. The crowd was stylishly and vibrantly intimate, making the atmosphere full of constructively affective conversation geared towards the cause. Congrats to Malcolm Harris for his efforts, in creating fashion to speak for silenced women.

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If you would like to join countless others to speak for these women, please visit for more information.

Images: Neal W. McDonough
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