Kim K Dazzles US


By LJ Johnson

Remember when Jennifer Hudson explained to SJP that her signature Louis Vuitton bag was a rental? ….. Now do you remember how you wished it were just that simple to obtain the perfect pair of shoes?. (I’m not the only one) Well reality vixen Kim Kardashian has come to our rescue! Kim, along with a team of 6 stylist (Michael Bassolino, Merika Rock, Toni Ferrara, Jaime Crowley, Camille Jumelle and Elizabeth French) has launched Here’s how it works: You take a survey, the stylist compile and review your answers (the review process takes 24 hours) and then present you (via email) with your choice of 5 pairs of fashionable shoes that you can select from each month. If you don’t like the choices for that month, you can just press “Skip this Month”. The membership is $39 per month based on you selecting a pair of shoes and the shipping is free. Consider yourself DAZZLED!



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  • LJ

    Linda, you’re absolutely right, however they are “mail order”, that’s what I was referring to! I am patiently awaiting my pair of shoes now! Enjoy!!!!!

  • Linda

    I love! They have excellent shoes, but it’s not a rental site like Bag, Borrow, Steal. You keep the shoes!