GFS Fifth Annual Spring Benefit Dinner

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Joe Hall & Anderson Cooper

On June 15th, Ghetto Film School celebrated their student filmmakers and their outstanding achievements with a benefit dinner at the ultra posh eatery Park Café located in the Time Warner Center. GFS is a not-for-profit youth media organization that connects talented young people to artistic, educational and career opportunities in the world of film and video. The evening started with an wonderful silent auction consisting of a slew of must-have items, followed by the dinner and scholarship awards ceremony where CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke to the audience about the importance of GFS and their students. Other attendees included NBA player Steve Nash and actress Shohreh Aghdashloo.

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Ghetto Film School

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About The Ghetto Film School:

Since its founding in June of 2000 by Joe Hall , more than 400 students have participated in GFS programs and workshops, coming from all areas of New York City to our South Bronx training facilities for hands-on production and cinema studies courses.

GFS is an award-winning youth media organization (Mayor’s Award for Arts and Culture, Rush Philanthropic Arts for Life Award, and The Union Square Award) and the students and their work have been featured on IFC TV, E!, BBC’s Talking Movies, ABC News Now, CNN News, The NY Times, The Huffington Post and several film magazines.

GFS is also opening The Cinema School in partnership with the NYC Department of Education. The Cinema School is an academically selective public high school that offers students both rigorous academics and professional-grade training in filmmaking. The school (opening Fall 2009) is established with generous support by Chase, and will be located in a brand new facility on the Monroe High School campus in the Bronx.

President Jon Hall talks with WNYC Radio about the organization.

Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients.

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