Busta Rhymes “B.O.M.B.S.” Album Release Party x YRB’s “How You Rock It 3″

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The underground cutting edge publication “YRB Magazine” was in celebration at the M2 Lounge (formerly Mansion) for Busta Rhymes “Back on my B.S or B.O.M.B.S album released May 19th. It was a great event; not only highlighting Busta’s eighth album but unity in hip hop. Musical artist; such as Missy Elliot, Jim Jones, Soldier Boy, Rah Digga, Bad Boys Donnie Klang, and so many more came out to show their love and support for the Hip Hop Giant. The party goers also came out and were greeted with an unexpected party favor; an authentic tattoo parlor supplied by “BIG Tattoos”! Also, DJ Cassidy and Funk Master Flex kept the event rocking from beginning to end. The occasion was sponsored by Mischieve Hornitos Tequila, New Era, and Storm London watches. As a charismatic Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star took the stage the whole venue was at a standstill, until the first track was laid of course. Rhymes performed classic hits such as “Dangerous” and “Put ya hands where my eyes can see”, but brought us back to the future with “Arab Money and new single “Respect my Conglomerate”. Surprisingly, this was not just an album release event, but a Birthday Party as well for the now 37 year old rapper. As Busta and Spliff took the stage, a birthday cake was presented in his honor. After Rhymes accelerating performance, he proceeded to show is gratitude for all who came out to support him; from his road dog Spliff to event host of the evening YRB Magazine. Many would say it was a great night to be in the presence of hip hop!


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Pooch Hall (l) and Hosea Chanchez (r) from The CW’s The Game were spotted in the crowd.

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Artistic Director and Choreographer Jermaine Brown

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Designer Jon Gray and guest

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