Bleu Magazine’ 3rd Anniversary Party

bleuparty5.jpg picture by johnsimondailyBy Jennifer Glover

Sequins, sky high heels, freshly lacquered nails, and exposed navels were sprinkled all over Bleu Magazine‘s 3rd Anniversary Party at Greenhouse. Oh and the ladies’ looked quite lovely as well. Yes, it was a scene of androgyny as I stepped into the blue- green tinted lounge. There were ladies in dresses and ladies in baggy jeans and tees. There were fellas in trousers and sport jackets and fellas in heels so high they put a lot of the ladies to shame. The bartender sported black nail polish, tight jeans, and a black bandanna the quintessential rock star look – a la Trent Rezner circa 1995 as he doled out Ed Hardy vodka and Sprite Green drink with effortless efficiency. Sorry folks, no picture- as he doesn’t do magazines ( his words, total rock star!)

The party officially started around 9 pm once the guest of honor and Bleu Magazine’s publisher, De’von Christopher arrived. Guests scrambled to shake the man’s hand and express congrats to the man behind “The Bleu”. He was ushered to the VIP section to join the rest of his staff where shortly after he was serenaded “Marilyn Monroe” style with a rendition of Happy Birthday by the sultry Def-Jam girl group Elektric Red. The girls were dressed to the nines- snug pastel dresses- black pumps with a hot pink heel, they reminded me of how fashion-ly coordinated En Vogue was back in the early 90’s. Fashion sure did come full circle that night. It was a mix of 80’s and 90’s retro style for the new millennium as the DJ spinned the tracks that reminded us that we are in 2009.

Electrik Red_Bleu Magazine 3rd Anniversary Bash

Elektric Red

As the evening drew to a close, the hosts reminded everyone of the after party at Promenade. I have to find out how that went as my heels were way past their expiration date. So I grabbed my gift bag stuffed with products from Conair (one of the event’s sponsors), Sprite Green, and a Bleu Magazine and went on my way home. Overall, a good event lots of drinks, dancing, people watching, and fashion inspiration… from the fellas :~)

In the last 3 years, BLEU Magazine has become the #1 voice blurring the lines between alternative and mainstream urban culture with its innovative yet captivating editorial content.  BLEU has covered topics from “Homophobia in Jamaica,” to showcasing some of the most talked about up-and-coming Hollywood newcomers, to making a statement by highlighting HIV/AIDS 25 Years old with a “Red” special issue of BLEU Magazine and partnering with AOL.  BLEU covers have included Kelis, Kelly Rowland, Estelle, Jensen Atwood, America’s Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzales and Ari Gold, just to name a few.

Bleu Magazine is a celebration of the urban man and his experiences, as expressed through fashion, entertainment, culture and music. We are a conduit for self expression and change for our readers who are trying to define and love who they are and what they aspire to be. Bleu entertains, inspires and most importantly affirms the lives of its readers while encouraging them to be authentic members of their society and the world.

De'Von Christopher_Publisher BLEU Magazine

Publisher De’von Christopher

Electrik Red_Bleu Magazine 3rd Anniversary Bash2

Ed Hardy Vodka_Ambiance

De'Von Christopher and Recording Artist Talia Coles

De’Von Christopher and Recording Artist Talia Coles

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