Editorial: Katy Perry for Complex

Singer Katy Perry covers the current issue of Complex Magazine.


I gotta say, these photos are a bit of a switch-up from the clothes we’re used to seeing you in.

Katy Perry: It’s a bit of a darker side of me, a little S&M. Though I did have to hang from a cage, which could have easily gone wrong with the five-inch heels I was wearing.

Kind of a departure.

Katy Perry: Well, [One of the Boys] was a little young—I made it between [the ages of] 17 and 23. I’ll be 25 this year when I start making my [new] record, so naturally some of the subject matter will be a little more mature. Not like I’m trying to prove anything to anyone—I’ll always order Shirley Temples.

I feel lucky to actually see you dressed down right now.

Katy Perry: This is like an exclusive sneak peek. I stopped trying to be like Posh when flying in an airplane ’cause it’s so uncomfortable, and that’s pretty much where I get most of my sleep. Or on the bus. But I dress up every single night, full-blown drag-queen style. Hair, makeup, everything. There’ll be a costume, there’ll be some hot pants, there’ll be some legs, but right now I’m just kind of in my chill-time zone.

You’re big into style—even your ex [Travis McCoy] had a Complex sense of style about him, which gives a lot of hope to…

Katy Perry: Your Complex readers? People that have “swagger”?

Exactly. Would you say that he’s your type?

Katy Perry: Oh God, I don’t have a type. I guess one thing that’s the same with all of the men I’ve dated is that they’re all communicators and they’re all sensitive. I have a soft spot for musicians, a guy who can write a song or say how he feels and put it into a song, and is super poetic. Travis is really good at that, and he’s just so good at lyrics that I think that’s ultimately why I was so attracted to him. But I definitely do not have a type. You know, he’s artistic and he has that natural swagger. When he puts his hat on, that’s how he puts his hat on. He doesn’t stand in the mirror for like three hours, he just puts it on. So that’s sexy.

What about a rapper-ternt-rocker like Lil Wayne?

Katy Perry: That might be too grindhouse for me. I think T.I.’s really cute, though. I like the guys that have this face about them, which is like…you know, adorable, and cute, and almost looks like a baby pit bull. A little pit bull is so cute, and all rappers love little pit bulls. They have to have two or three.

Or 10 if you’re DMX.

Katy Perry: He doesn’t have dogs anymore now. He’s not allowed to. Busted!

He’s obsessed with dogs—is it fair to say that you’re obsessed with fruit?

Katy Perry: I’m obsessed with things that are kitsch—funny and ultimately just stupid and gaggy.

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