Interviews: ESPN The Magazine Presents The 6th Annual Pre-Draft Party

Adrienne Bailon & Kim Kardashian

If you read our previous post, you know that we attend the ESPN The Magazine 6th Annual Pre-Draft Party. Here you will find more information on the event, in addition to a few quick interviews with some of your favorite stars.

Special thanks to ESPN!

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DJ Spinderella (Salt-n-Pepa). She was the DJ for the evening and dished to JSD that Salt-n-Pepa is currently working on a new album. How exciting!

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DJ Clue & Fabolous

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DJ Clue

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Michael Ealy

He told us he has a new movie coming out next year titled, “Takers” co-starring Matt Dillon, Idris Elba and Paul Walker. His favorite team is the Washington Redskins and favorite player of all-time is Art Munk.

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Idris Elba

JSD: “Obssesed” is currently in theaters and you have been getting great reviews for your performance, what drew you to this script?

IE: It was a original script and I wanted to try something different from the normal roles I play.

JSD: What are you currently working on?

IE: I have two movies coming out soon called “The Losers” and ” The Takers”. They will be out in the next year.

JSD: Favorite team?

IE: I like teams in London (laughs)

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Dennie L.A. White

JSD: Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

DW: I have a new movie coming out called “No Warning” with Cuba Gooding Jr, Vivica Fox, and Tyrice Gibson. We start production in about a month. I a play that I am doing on broadway called “White Noise”. I have been very busy right, especially since the buzz from the Notorious movie. So I feel really blessed.

JSD: Congratulations on your success. I notice on your facebook account, you ask a “Question of the Day”. Tell us a little about that, where did that come from?

DW: (Laughs) Someone ask me to do some questions and it has been taking off. I try to surprise people, they don’t know what I’m coming with day-to-day. It has been really cool and it’s like therapy for my people on facebook.

JSD: Will you continue to pursue music?

DW: Yeah, definitely! I am actually doing a blog on I am in the studio recording and trying to do everything and get in everyone’s pockets.

JSD: What brings you out tonight?

DW: ESPN throws the most live parties and I am a big sports fan. I want to see the new prospects and who will go number one. Hopefully Detroit makes the right choice. I want to have fun tonight and kick it with my peoples.

JSD: Who is your favorite team in the NFL?

DW: I am a big Patriots fan and we are looking good this year.

JSD: Do you have a favorite player?

DW: I am a team player but Deion Sanders is one of my favorite players of all time. I love all good athletes.

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D Woods (Formerly of Danity Kane)

She told JSD her fans can expect a single from her this summer and hopefully a full length project by the fourth quarter. “I am keeping it moving, staying in the studio, and staying creative. I have some shows and film and television projects coming up, so stay tuned!”

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Whitney Thompson (America’s Next Top Model)

JSD: What has your experience been like since you have won America’s Next Top Model?

WT: Crazy! I use to be a college student at Jacksonville, Florida. Now I travel the world as a model for a living.

JSD: What Publications and/or designers have your recently work with?

WT: I just finished a shoot with Australian Vogue and I did American Vogue before that, which was cool. Obviously Covergirl and Seventeen Magazine. I also just signed with a new agency! I am really excited about that.

JSD: Congratulations! Which Agency?

WT: Willamina Models

JSD: What can we expect from Whitney in the future?

WT: EVERYTHING! (laughs)

JSD: What did it feel like to work with former Supermodel turned talk show host Tyra Banks?

WT: Intimidating! It’s hard to work with someone who is already accomplished. I learned a lot.

JSD: What brings your out tonight?

WT: I love sports! I am a huge fanatic and I brought some of my girlfriends who also love sports.

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Nicole Murphy

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Chrishell Stause

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Omar Benson Miller

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Laz Alonso

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Priscilla Monteiro of

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Winky Wright and Fat Joe

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Rapper Fabolous performed all of his chart topping songs

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