On Location: Tibi Fall 2009 Fashion Show

Tibi Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

A few weeks ago we brought you an exclusive interview with Tibi designer and creator Amy Smilovic. This fashion week season we were invited to the runway presentation of the Fall 2009 line.

The quote by Amy Smilovic at the top of the Tibi itinerary read “Fall is about a light hearted moodiness influenced by the Russian fairytale “The Tale Of The Firebird.” Okay, so we’ll see some Russian influenced clothes this evening! This should be interesting. Based on her previous fall line, which I LOVED, I was excited to see what she had to present.

I was a bit disappointed at the overall fall line. There were a few stand out pieces, but the rest of the line was a bit simple-dull. The Russian influence translated in the ever-present black pieces and fur hats and gloves. There were ruffles, boxy pieces and she brought back paisley, which has to be colored a certain way for me to like it and this was not the case- damn those Russians! My favorite out of the simpler designs though was the Yelena Bustier Jumpsuit- a dark purple bustier, high-waisted black, loose, ankle tight pants. Simple, chic, nice!

The stand out pieces really stood out! Bright flowing feminine pieces that you wanted to snatch off the model as she walked by. The bright yellow Anastasia beaded dress with black leggings was FANTASTIC! Another favorite was the beautifully Asian influenced (although with a Russian name) Doystoevsky bloom long dress. It flowed beautifully and the contrasting pink floral with the blue and black was quite an eye catcher. The enchanted forest sparkle chiffon gown was a dress I initially turned my nose at, but in hindsight realized how great piece it was. The final look however, the snow maiden gown, a flowing bright pink, one ruffled shouldered piece was as sweet, fresh and crisp as a Stoli Razberi vodka. Now that’s Russian!

View the entire show below!

Part 1

Part 2