Interview: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2009 Collection

IMG_1455.jpg picture by johnsimondailyLindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson can seen wearing Rebecca Minkoff latest handbag creations. With such an huge following, we were excited to have been invited to the special preview of Rebecca Minkoff’s Pre-Fall and Fall 2009 collections, which will be available between June and August.

The San Diego, California native began sewing at the tender age of 8 and designing clothes by the time she turned 18. Minkoff has turned her love of design into an well established line that is currently carried in over 200 boutiques across the USA as well as France, Canada, Japan. Which such success under her belt, Rebecca could not have been more down to earth when we briefly spoke with her during the preview.

JSD: When did you start sewing?

Rebecca Minkoff: I started sewing when I was eight and I made my Bar Mitzvah dress when I was thirteen. So I have been sewing and drawing since I was eight.

JSD: How was the transition from San Diego to New York?

RM: There was a in between period of San Diego to Florida and then Florida to New York. When I was sixteen, my parents let me come to New York for New Years with my boyfriend. After that I was hooked to New York.

JSD: What was your inspiration for the collection?

RM: My inspiration tends to be divided by month, because each month I do new colors and new styles. Overall the theme has been consistently a little bit of Rock n Roll. It’s always about the adventures of a young girl. We don’t know where she is coming from when the sunset or where she is going when the sunrise.

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JSD: What fabrics were used to create this collection?

RM: All leather was used and some microfiber to make it easy for the handbag.

JSD: Tell us one “must have” item, every woman should have for the fall season?

RM: One of my bags!

JSD: Why one of your bags?

RM: They are of great value, great price points, and will never go out of style. My handbags are very current and will never look old.

JSD: How do you feel about the economy and what it has done to the fashion industry? Do you think it will get better?

RM: We have not been affected and I think it has to get better. If everyone switches to being positive and continue to move forward, and to keep putting positive energy out there, it will get better.

JSD: Where do you see the fashion in the next 5 years?

RM: Whoa! (laughs) I feel that there is always a cycle. Right now, it seem fashion has a dark side; more Rock n Roll and more hard edges. I think later it will become more hippy mode by next summer.

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To find out more about the Rebecca Minkoff and her chic bags, please visit

View the collection here

Each guests received a beautifully crafted green leather bag.

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    cute interview and i want that bag! lol